The results of the NewILUMIS project were presented at the Ceramics in Europe 2022 conference, which took place on July 10-14 at the ICE conference center in Krakow. It was the largest conference this year devoted to the broadly understood subject of ceramics. One event brought together the 17th Conference of the European Ceramic Society, the 9th International Congress on Ceramics and the 18th Electroceramics Conference. 630 participants from 42 countries took part in all of it. 430 papers and 190 posters were presented. The conference was accompanied by satellite events ECerS Summer School on Sintering (50 participants) and Young Ceramics Network Evening (250 participants).

On the second day of the conference, Anna Kozłowska, D.Sc., Eng. delivered an invited lecture entitled “Multilayer ceramic as a novel functional material for lightning and sensing platform”, and on the first day Dr. Romain Trihan presented a lecture on “A new SPR-based sensor using transparent ceramics coated with gold-silica nanoparticles and mesoporous topcoat”. Scientists were also “chairs” of separate sessions of the symposium “Structural ceramics / Ceramic coatings / Porous ceramics. What’s more, Oscar Bogucki, M.Sc. took part in the Young Ceramics Network Evening event.

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