We Obtained a Patent – the Method of Producing Thermoelectric Modules

Our scientists have just obtained a patent for the Method of producing thermoelectric modules in a one-step process of joining elements using the FAST/SPS sintering technique and a device implementing this method. So far, SPS/FAST devices have been used to sinter materials, but this time Rafał Zybała, Ph.D., Eng., Kamil Kaszyca, M.Sc., Eng., Marcin Chmielewski,… Read More »

COVID rapid test

A COVID rapid test that not only gives results within 30 minutes but is also highly sensitive, meaning: it will be possible to detect the virus at a very early stage of infection. It can be used, among other situations,  when crossing borders, for instance, at airports. This very rapid screening test is completely non-invasive… Read More »

E-Pack – an intelligent packaging

In current times – when we are doing more online shopping than ever we need to be aware that each delivery generates substantial amounts of waste (that is packaging). We need to start asking ourselves the question: what can we do with this problem and in the long run – how can we reduce the amount… Read More »

Flake graphene [infographic]

2D material, a futuristic one that can be used across many industries: construction, medicine, motorization to just name a few. What are we exactly talking about? Flake graphene obviously! It’s famous for its unique properties, especially two of them: strength and conductivity. This means it gives superpower to, for instance, concrete, as it is up to 300… Read More »

The Infrared Photonics Research Group for MDPI

Researchers of Łukasiewicz – IMiF (the Infrared Photonics Research Group led by Kamil Pierściński, Ph.D.,) have examined the influence of electroplated gold thickness on the thermal and electro-optical properties of mid-IR AlInAs/InGaAs, InP QCLs. The outcome? A significant reduction of temperature of QCL active region (AR) when increasing gold layer thickness. It has also improved key electro-optical… Read More »

The Parcour project is in the air…!

Who doesn’t know some apps that show air quality? Or Polski Alarm Smogowy? For sure, people living in big cities are affected by the problem of air pollution. So are our scientists. Did you know how air quality is measured? If your answer is no, then keep on reading. The Parcour project has tried to… Read More »

We are playing with WOŚP 2022!

In our online auction, you can bid on and win “A visit and participation in technological works in the laboratory of the Research Group GaN-based Devices, Sensors, Thin-film Structures, and Porous Materials.” It’s an extraordinary place where the group works, among others, on : – components for systems that fly into space, – special coatings that cover devices,… Read More »

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a wonderful but quiet Christmas time that brings only the most important matters to the fore. May your Christmas be filled with mutual benevolence and kindness! Coworkers