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Łukasiewicz has 4,500 scientists and engineers keen to support your business – creative people who are passionate about developing innovations.

We will support you in solving technological problems, conducting R&D projects and modernizing equipment; we help develop new products and make technologies more efficient and less expensive.

We have over 400 laboratories, including thousands of unique research devices in Poland, Europe and across the world.

Our research areas: Health, Smart and Clean Mobility, Digital Transformation and Sustainable Economy and Energy.

The focus of Łukasiewicz in Smart and Clean Mobility is on technologies for the design, manufacture, production, characterization and use of means of transport by land, air or water as well as logistics infrastructure. In particular, we conduct research and development in e-mobility, sustainable construction solutions for means of transport, materials with extended functionalities, robotics and control systems, as well as machines used in agriculture, aviation and space technologies.

Research and development of new technologies for use in Digital Transformation is all about automation and robotics, artificial intelligence and data science, as well as smart cities and sensor networks. We execute projects in the development of the Internet of Things, including new solutions for physical/chemical sensors and biosensor, materials, nanomaterials and functional composites with advanced physicochemical properties.

Our focus in Health is on developing new technologies in biotechnology and biomedical engineering – especially on research into medical devices and technology, diagnostic techniques and therapy development. We use digital techniques and artificial intelligence to process biomedical signals and images. We also have capabilities in the whole process of manufacturing medicinal products, including the chemical synthesis of active substances, preclinical trials in toxicology, bioavailability and bioequivalence, as well as in the development of technologies for the production of pharmaceutical forms, analytical research and marketing authorization.

In Sustainable Economy and Energy we are committed to accelerating the bioeconomy and materials recovery – the main pillars of the Circular Economy. We also conduct research into new technologies for obtaining raw materials, for waste and wastewater recycling, the eco-design of processes and products in the pulp and paper and packaging industries, and the production of composite and biodegradable materials.

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Do you have a technological problem? Do you need innovation for your business?

Within 15 working days of your request, we will present ideas to meet your requirements, recommend a team of experts and R&D equipment – free of charge. Łukasiewicz Challenges – is what we call this process of fast and seamless cooperation with your business.

As part of the Łukasiewicz Challenges, we will also identify potential sources of national and foreign funds for research. Our experts will support you in preparing an application in identified competitions.

Łukasiewicz Challenges is also the easiest way of contracting a service (e.g. certification or research in line with standards) or enquiring about product availability from all the Łukasiewicz institutes at the same time. We will be back to you with an offer within 5 days!

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Łukasiewicz Challenges is an innovative model of cooperation with business partners. Its concept is straightforward. You send us a request to support your business, to solve your technological problem or to find an innovation. Once all the details have been clarified, we announce your request via the Łukasiewicz Intranet as a Challenge. Challenges are posted at about 12am every Friday, each challenge is assigned to a separate Challenge Owner (a member of the permanent team of Challenge Owners and an employee of one of the Łukasiewicz Institutes).

Next, we invite all Łukasiewicz employees to present ideas on how to meet your requirements as part of your Challenge. Ideas are presented in brief on a card and discussed during an Internal Project Panel with members of Łukasiewicz Research Groups (for more information on Łukasiewicz Research Groups, please click HERE). At an Internal Project Panel, complementary proposals are frequently compared and consolidated in the process of preparing a project offer for you.

Following the Internal Project Panel, the Challenge Owner will send you cards/consolidated cards with a project offer and ask you whether you would like to see all of them at an External Project Panel attended by Representatives of your company. Next, the Challenge Owner will – in consultation with you – schedule a meeting to be held preferably on a Wednesday.

At the External Project Panel meeting, when all ideas have been presented, you will be required to decide whether you would like to implement the presented solutions and to cooperate with Łukasiewicz to execute a project/projects.