Counterfeiting of passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, government bonds, tax stamps, and even university diplomas is a big problem and a challenge at the same time. How can it be solved? LumAI – one of the winning projects in the M-Era.Net Call 2022 competition – is a smart solution thanks to which we can be sure that the documents that are before our eyes are authentic!

What’s more, the system will not only confirm the authenticity of the document, it will also identify its creator, which means: additional security!

In fact, each and every one of us will benefit from the LumAI solution, because we must remember that false documents can pose numerous threats to anyone, both in everyday life (e.g. an unauthorized (illegal) doctor, or identity theft) and on a larger, global scale. After all, document fraud is just a starting point for criminals involved in human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorism.

And now let’s move on and read a few words about the meeting which was all about starting the project cooperation:

On June 1, 2023, the LumAI project “Luminescent tagging of documents and the method of their mobile detection based on Hyperspectral Imaging and Artificial Intelligence (LumAI)” began, it’s co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development. The project consortium, apart from the leader, which is our institute: Łukasiewicz – IMiF, and the Polish company from Krakow 3D-nano, consists of: Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (ISSP UL) and Vilnius University (VU), and Garsų Pasaulis from Lithuania.

We hope that effective cooperation between scientists and specialists from companies will result in the development of an innovative system for verifying the authenticity of secured documents using a smartphone application based on hyperspectral imaging and AI.

The kick-off meeting of the LumAI project in Łukasiewicz – IMiF took place On July 10, 2023. During the seminar part, researchers had an excellent opportunity to share expert knowledge in the field of nanomaterials, security print technology requirements, and IT issues related to imaging and artificial intelligence.

At the meeting the following representatives of the LumAI project were present: prof. Pranciškus Vitta (Faculty of Physics, VU), prof. Aistis Raudys (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, VU, online), prof. Anatolis Šarakovskis (Head of Laboratory of Spectroscopy ISSP, UL), and representatives of the companies: Dr. Ewa Leszczyńska from Garsų Pasaulis and from 3D-nano Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Skupień and Klaudia Twardosz. The hosts of the meeting were: project leader Kamila Leśniewska-Matys, PhD, and the leader of the Smart Materials Research Group: Anna Kozłowska, PhD, DSc, with the team.

Polish researchers taking part in the project are supported financially by Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju.

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