Electronics litter the world – each citizen of the European Union accounts for approximately 15.6 kg of e-waste annually. However, electronics can also be more Earth-friendly. How do we know that? Because our researchers are working on it on a regular basis! Keep reading to learn about the 3 chosen solutions we’re currently developing.

GaN devices: compared to silicon ones, they can save space and facilitate fast charging without suffering from reliability-limiting and potentially dangerous rises in temperature that can sometimes be observed in traditional Si devices, say our experts at GaN technology – Andrzej Taube, PhD, and Kamila Ćwik, Eng. More space and less time mean savings and it’s always a good thing for the environment.

Biodegradable electronics for agriculture is another thing we are passionate about– Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska, PhD, is working on it within the TESLA project. Who knows – maybe one day we could even eat electronics?

And last but not least – thermoelectric modules! Rafał Zybała, PhD, has proven that we can turn bad energy (greenhouse gases) into the good one everyone desires – that is electricity! This solution can save up to 10% of energy.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Earth Day, don’t forget to think about what you do regularly to help our planet to thrive.