Half a year passed since European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the European Chips Act. This is a big thing as Europe will get on the right track by increasing semiconductor production capacity to 20% of the global market in just 8 years! It will change a lot: because it’s not only about manufacturing more advanced chips, it also means more innovations and a more qualified workforce.

Did you know that…

– The Chips Act will mobilize more than 43 billion euros of public and private investments.

– Almost 2/3 of European chip demand comes from the industrial and automotive sectors. That’s a lot!

– Industrial automation, medical devices, machinery, and communication equipment (basically, each sector that uses AI systems) will also need advanced semiconductors.

– It is estimated that 90% of European chip demand until 2030 will be for chips over 10nm.

As we’re part of THIS industry, we’re showing you the positive key aspects of the European Chips Act:

European Chips Act

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