Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to our unique solution called foot plantar pressure sensor! It has been developed by our researchers from Krakow (but it’s not available on the market yet).

So what is so unique about our sensor?

It’s a modern shoe insert for testing the foot plantar pressure in natural conditions that provides comprehensive knowledge of foot motor skills and the whole body posture. It contains an accelerometer that determines the position of the whole body.

…Physiotherapists like it.

Our 8 piezoelectric sensors read out the force with which the feet press on the ground. These sensors are located at the spots corresponding to the anatomical parts of the foot. This ensures the correct measurement of the force which, according to biomechanics, is the result of the foot-ground interaction.

Only the best-suited materials which enable working with polymer pressure sensors and ensure adequate hygiene have been used in the production process.


  • low price combined with high quality and reliable performance,
  • easy to use – can be automatically calibrated by the user,
  • modern approach – can be used with mobile devices for telemedicine,
  • suitable for use in any sports footwear.

foot plantar pressure sensor

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