Do you know such a band as GaN n’ Roses… and their song „November rain”? At some point, it goes like this: „Everybody needs somebody”, we couldn’t agree more, but we would like to change it slightly to „Everybody needs GaN devices.”

Why? Compared with silicon ones, they can save space and facilitate fast charging without suffering from reliability-limiting and potentially dangerous rises in temperature that can sometimes be observed in traditional Si devices.

What’s more, according to Innoscience, BiGaN HEMT can reduce on-state resistance by 50%, chip size by 70%, and temperature rise by 40%.

Silicon always was, is, and will be the most popular material for developing various semiconductor devices. However, in many applications, GaN-based devices, e.g. power transistors for power and microwave electronics, have much better parameters, even at a similar price, which means better performance of electronic systems and their lower cost compared to solutions based on their silicon counterparts – said Andrzej Taube, Ph.D., our GaN expert.