We develop vertical transistors, intended for use in smart power banks, based on GaN. “Thanks to the use of our devices, smart energy banks can be smaller, more effective and, above all, more reliable compared to other solutions” – says Andrzej Taube, PhD, Eng, our researcher.

Advantages of using gallium nitride in power electronic systems:

  • high breakdown voltage – reduced dimensions
  • higher frequency of operation – reduction of the size of passive elements in the systems
  • up to 80% less weight and volume of systems
  • smaller gate reload charge
  • reduction of switching losses
  • high operating temperature – lower cooling requirements
  • lower system costs (even if GaN devices are more expensive than silicon equivalents)


Consumer electronics, wireless charging, ICT sector, data centers, energy conversion and storage, controlling electric motors, LED lighting control.

GaN infographic

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