The first Polaroid camera, introduced to the market in 1947, could give you a black-and-white photo in 60 seconds. And now – we also have something in black-and-white for you – our G-Flake® flake graphene website! And you know what? There is one thing that you can do as fast as a picture taken and developed by Polaroid – that is fill in the form on the website to order our graphene or… our know-how on graphene.

Why our G-Flake® graphene? Well, to get the bigger picture you just need to know that:
– it’s the material most suitable to your needs, custom-made;
– it is the different types and its amazing purity that makes its properties so well-defined;
– when buying our G-Flake®, you pay not only for graphene but also get our support.

As our business analyst said about G-Flake®: „Graphene could be referred to as a “spice” – we need to know how much and what kind of graphene to add to get the desired effect. But don’t forget that this is saffron among materials!” That’s a delicious metaphor! Who is whetting their appetite? has been designed by Balahibo Studio

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Published On: 21 February 2023, 09:50|Categories: Aktualności, Centrum Nanotechnologii|Tags: , |