„As for Łukasiewicz – IMiF, this institute with a big heart continues to deliver high-quality research and innovation with a global impact” – thank you Graphene Flagship for such kind words! This is how news about our charity auctions for WOŚP (GOCC) starts on their website: „Łukasiewicz – IMiF, one of the Graphene Flagship’s key partners in Poland, recently explored a novel application for graphene: charity” and then they go on to write about our hearts with graphene that replaced enamel. Why did we take part in GOCC? Well, first of all, it’s good to help, but there was also another reason…

„The theme of this year’s GOCC Grand Finale – that of beating sepsis – is also close to the heart of one of the researchers involved in Łukasiewicz – IMiF’s charitable initiative. Dr Adrian Chlanda, who donated the graphene incorporated into the jewellery, suffered sepsis as an infant and is passionate about efforts to combat the illness, which according to the World Health Organization is the cause of one in five deaths worldwide.

“Back in the day – almost 40 years ago – this diagnosis was equivalent to a death sentence,” says Dr Chlanda. “Yet I survived; and today, I’m a Flake Graphene Research Group Leader, hence I have a chance to alter the world. I am especially interested in biomedical applications of flake graphene. Graphene is an amazing material, and its potential for developing novel health devices is extremely exciting.”

Thank you Dr Chlanda!

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