Morning coffee? To obtain the perfect beverage to mark a start of a great day, stick strictly to the recipe. There’s no place for compromises. Everything counts: the bean type, roasting and grinding method, water temperature, as well as brewing time.

In science, like in coffee preparation, you must also follow standard and good habits and analyze measurements broadly, as reasoning based on limited beliefs leads to wrong results (what can be called “bad coffee”), like in the conception of factfulness. (btw. it’s a good book!). After all, the development of practise standards and the reproducibility of measurements are the basis of scientific soundness!

And that is what our newly released article is all about. “Spectroscopic properties of close-to-perfect-monolayer quasi-free-standing epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001)” focuses on detailed analysis of epitaxial graphene in Raman and ellipsometric spectroscopy.

It’s a significant step towards norms and certification of epitaxial graphene preparation.

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