Graphene is added to composites to make them stronger and more durable, but can it strengthen… love? – asks Graphene Flagship, our partner. Let us show you what this carbon-based material can do!

Ladies and gentlemen, in a heartfelt gesture, our employees presented our colleague with extraordinary wedding rings. These exquisite symbols of eternal love were crafted using a blend of materials that encompass both beauty and innovation: American walnut wood, reduced graphene oxide, and pyrite.

These stunning jewels were brought to life in the workshop of the talented Polish jeweler – Jakub Kromski-Chęćka. Known for his expertise in crafting unique wooden jewelry, he poured his skill and passion into creating these little treasures.

“The idea is closely related to the bride, our friend, who comes from Silesia, a region in Poland famous for coal. Since graphene can be derived from coal, we thought that a wedding gift with such a carbon nanomaterial is the perfect gift,” says Patrycja Skoczek from the Marketing and Communication Department.

“Reduced graphene oxide is mainly made of carbon atoms – just like our friend’s diamond in her engagement ring. In addition, it strengthens the materials to which it is added. Enchanted in wedding rings, it can metaphorically strengthen the feeling between the bride and groom,” adds Adrian Chlanda, our researcher who together with his team is developing branded graphene (G-Flake) in his laboratory.

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