This year Tymoteusz Ciuk, PhD, Eng., celebrates his 11th anniversary of scientific activity, our young scientists – Artur Dobrowolski and Jakub Jagiełło – their 5th year of adventure with graphene, and Gothenburg – the 400th anniversary of its city rights. It’s a great time to celebrate!

However, the official occasion to celebrate together is the 10th anniversary of the Graphene Flagship project and the most important graphene conference which takes place in Gothenburg – Graphene Week 2023. The audience is impressive with the event being attended by 500 scientists from all around the world and over a dozen companies.

Scientists from Łukasiewicz – IMiF have been participating in the Graphene Flagship project from the very beginning, and the last time they visited Gothenburg was during Graphene Week in 2014. A lot has changed since then. That is why, during the event, Tymoteusz Ciuk will summarize the development of Polish epitaxial graphene technology and its applications. He will be giving a presentation titled “Graphene on Silicon Carbide Platform for Magnetic Field Detection under Extreme Temperature Conditions and Neutron Radiation.”

It is a mature material and instrumentation platform based on epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide, with application potential in military technologies and the energy industry.

If you can’t watch Tymoteusz Ciuk’s speech live, here is the link to his presentation:

The platform will also soon be commercially available under a new brand, about which we are planning to make a big announcement in the fall of this year! It will be the second graphene brand of Łukasiewicz – IMiF right after the famous G-Flake®.

Moreover, Graphene Week is an opportunity for @Jakub Jagiełło and Artur Dobrowolski to make strategic contacts and shine on the international arena.  Cooperation with TU Delft initiated during Graphene Week 2022 (due to the pandemic, it was held online) will result in a joint publication this year. The method of non-invasive imaging of the number of graphene layers developed by young scientists will support work on microscopic mechanical devices.

Such ideas are only born in brilliant minds. From here it is just a small step to further publications, patents, and implementations, that is what Łukasiewicz is all about.

Poster by Artur Dobrowolski:

Poster by Jakub Jagiełło:

PS After their successful speeches, our 3 researchers plan to rest in one of the local cafes. And all of them are surrounded by historic architecture and the rays of the September sun!

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