Over the past 20 years, the trade value between Poland and Korean has increased more than 20 times, to yield about $9 billion in 2022. This shows how well our economic relations have recently developed. Therefore, during the Poland-Korea Economic Forum, President of the Republic of Korea Suk Yeol Yoon named Poland to be a gateway for Korean companies to enter the European Union market and a strategic partner in the Central and Eastern European region.

The PL-KR Forum provided the representatives of Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics with a unique opportunity to participate in the expert panel “The Age of AI – Cutting-edge Technology Cooperation – in the quest for the Bleeding Edge” devoted to PL-KR cooperation in computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), and space technology.

In the panel, Sangyoung OH, while introducing Comarch Korea, emphasized one of the company’s greatest strengths i.e. the ability to adapt quickly to new challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities. From this perspective, 5G network projects are extremely interesting to the company.

Similarly, Jae IL SON from Hanwha Aerospace noted that securing satellite launch capabilities is extremely important in the current times. There is tremendous potential in space, not only in terms of science and technology but also for manufacturing various products in space. He noted that Poland may be interested in cooperating due to Hanwa’s plans to establish a scientific and research center in Poland towards developing the aerospace industry.

For us, it was hard to react differently than with excitement to the Hanwha Aerospace plans, as Łukasiewicz Research Network tends to close cooperation with the Korean industry regarding high-tech avionic solutions as well as microelectronic and photonic components for the aerospace industry.

Additionally, Piotr J. Cywiński pointed out Lukasiewicz’s willingness to cooperate with the best academic institutions and companies in Korea. The proposed cooperation model is based on three pillars. The first pillar is joint high-tech projects. Another is the organization of joint research experts groups to focus their attention on particularly important socioeconomic topics. The third pillar is the academia-industry exchange of researchers to build successful cooperation and develop strong high-tech industries.

Also, Paweł Leszcz from VIGO Photonics referred to the space industry applications describing the company’s experience in cooperation with NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration regarding IR detectors for the environmental monitoring system on the Orion spacecraft board.

The geopolitical significance of Poland creates numerous opportunities for trade and development in the region, including projects related to the reconstruction of Ukraine. In this regard, the importance of cooperation between Poland and Korea was emphasized by the CEO of 카카오모빌리티(Kakaomobility).

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