Yesterday in Krakow, our researchers heard a fascinating lecture about how to produce insect-inspired NanoAir Vehicles using microelectronic technologies! Since it just so happens – between 29-30 June, our former capital hosts the 30th International Conference “Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems” (MIXDES 2023). It’s an annual forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in design, modeling, simulation, testing, and manufacturing in various areas such as micro- and nanoelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, actuators, and power devices.

Someone said “power devices”? No wonder our Institute happened to be the organizer of the special session “GaN-devices.” Among the four invited lecturers, this session could not miss the presentation of the latest research results on GaN transistors – Andrzej Taube, PhD, was the one to present a paper titled “Vertical and Lateral GaN-based transistors for Power Electronics” – showing, among others, results of the EnerGaN project.

Furthermore, our partners from the Institute of Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS and the Lodz University of Technology presented papers on Ion Implantation for GaN-based power devices, GaN lasers, and modeling the construction of new single-mode nitride lasers.

However, these were not the only interesting lectures presented at this conference. Daniel Tomaszewski, PhD, from our Institute shared the results of his research on modeling the THz detection effect using JLFET transistors.

What else could we find out? For instance, how to monolithically integrate SiC transistors with JBS diodes or produce NanoAir Vehicles inspired by insects. Were you aware that the wings of insects have intricate shapes comprising supportive veins and extremely thin, flexible membranes? It was crucial to identify a technology capable of creating microstructures with excellent precision, reliable reproducibility, and suitable materials. To address this challenge, a novel approach involved utilizing the conventional techniques of microelectromechanical systems. Good job, Sébastien Grondel!

And last but not least – after fruitful deliberations with conference participants our researchers found time to admire the monuments of picturesque Krakow!

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