Let’s defend some good ideas! One of which is our participation in the International Defence Industry Fair in Targi Kielce, Poland. In just 12 days our researchers will take part in this show to present how intensely they’re working on technologies that can be used in the defense industry and to ensure state security, including:

  • quantum cascade lasers (QCL) emitting in the bands: 4.5-5.5 μm and 8-10 + μm, compact and easily controllable. Perfect light sources for mid- and far infrared applications,
  • microelectronic and photonic systems for applications in targeting systems,
  • photodiodes for missile and missile guidance systems,
  • AlGaN/GaN microwave transistor for S-band radiolocation in GaN-HEMT technology,
  • specialized integrated circuits for optoelectronic heads,
  • cold plasma generator for protection against biological hazards.

Be sure to join us there! Visit our booth nr 61, hall D, and learn more about the Łukasiewicz offer!