When asked what she is currently working on to make the world a better place, our researcher Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska said: “In our Research Group, we are seeking ways to reduce the production of toxic electronic waste. To achieve this, we are working on the composition of new substrate materials for electronics that could biodegrade under the influence of microorganisms after fulfilling their role.

The components we use to create our organic films are known from everyday life and commonly used in the cosmetic and food industries (e.g., cellulose, gelatin, agar).

After the tape casting, we examine its physical properties, especially moisture resistance and temperature tolerance, and determine its electrical parameters, such as dielectric constant and loss factor. Additionally, we investigate the compatibility of substrates with graphite and gold-based conductive pastes.

We believe that the progress of our work will lead to the production of fully biodegradable components for RFID systems and biodegradable pH sensors. We are conducting this research as part of the CHIST-ERA.net TESLA project – Transient Electronics for Sustainable ICT in Digital Agriculture.”

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