There are numbers that stick in our minds, such as 3.14, 007, and now P.434857 has joined them! Behind this number lies another success of the scientists of the SiC Technologies Research Group. The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland granted us patent P.434857 for the “Method of determining the density profile of heterogeneous nanometric oxide layers on SiC plates”. What is this all about?

The developed research technique allows us to explore the secrets of very thin materials that determine the efficiency of power devices for modern power engineering.-sic

They are used in emission-free electricity production, charging stations for electric cars, rail vehicles, and the steel industry.

What makes this technique so different? It is non-destructive and precise. This idea uses the phenomenon of reflection of X-ray waves from layers of amorphous material with varying densities of mass.

You’ll find more in the article for “Journal of Materials Chemistry C”!

The patent is the result of work on the NCBR TECHMATSTRATEG WidePOWER project.

And last but not least: a few words about SiC: The main advantage of devices based on silicon carbide is the fact that they can operate at high power and high temperatures. What is the distinctive feature of SiC compared to other wide-bandgap semiconductors? It is the ability to oxidize the surface of SiC wafers thermally, similarly to that used in Si device technology.

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