The New Board and Audit Committee of PPTF have been elected! The Board Member for 2022-2024 is our Deputy Director for Research – Piotr Guzdek, Ph.D. who started to work for Łukasiewicz – IMiF 14 years ago. He has published 80 scientific manuscripts so far and is currently working on a telemedicine project with the acronym ORTHOPIEZOMETER which will facilitate access to and reduce the costs of healthcare.

Anna Kozłowska, Ph.D., D.Sc. has a broad international experience in optoelectonics as she has worked for scientific institutions in England, France, and Germany. She has been associated with our Institute for the last 25 years. She is the leader of an international project named NewILUMIS – her team is currently working on a functional material for cancer diagnosis and water contamination detection.

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