Interested in Raman Spectroscopy – a powerful tool for investigating materials in 2D and 3D? As an integral part of graphene research, Raman Spectroscopy can be used to determine the number of atomic layers, material quality as well as its mechanical and electrical properties.

Today we are launching a very special offer for you! We can measure your sample and analyze it with our proprietary analysis method to provide you with a detailed insight into the properties of a (graphene) sample from your lab.

If you decide to make a deal with us, the analysis for the first sample is free of charge to assure that the quality of our results is fine with you. On top of that, we will provide you with the results for your sample in just 14 days!

How does it work?

Make an appointment with our experts through to discuss initial conditions

  1. Send us your sample!
  2. We make the first analysis (for free!) and get back to you with results
  3. We discuss the results together and choose the measure&analyze package best suited for your needs
  4. We sign a service contract and let the adventure begin!

We also offer a cost and time-effective option. We make the analysis of your results as long as they have been taken with a Raman spectrometer from Renishaw – also at your lab.

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