It’s good to be smart! We’re currently in one of the smartest cities in the world – Taipei where – guess what is taking place – the Smart City Summit & Expo! But being smart doesn’t mean just going into new technologies like IoT or AI, it’s also about living in an eco-friendly world. To make it happen, people from across the globe look for solutions that can reduce carbon footprint, water usage and therefore – what better place to be than here! Together, we can reach net zero by 2050.

Drop by the Polish booth to talk about our solutions like microstructured fibers, infrared photonic devices, micro- and nano-3D structures, multiparametric sensors for soil monitoring, a foot plantar pressure sensor, and so on. You’ll find us (Piotr Cywiński, Pawel Kubiński, Angelina Sielewicz) among other Łukasiewicz Research Network institutes – Łukasiewicz – EMAG and Centrum Napędów i Maszyn Elektrycznych Łukasiewicz – GIT as we showcase our technologies together. Also – there are other members of Polish Technological Platform on Photonics and representatives of a few Polish cities. The Polish team is strong in Taipei!

What have we seen at the expo so far? There are so many things, but just to name a few: smart grids (lots of it!), smart aquaculture data economy systems (we have a solution like that too – do you remember why Kiranmai Uppuluri won Falling Walls in September last year?), smart water meters, Ionex – the world’s first on-demand battery delivery, QT Medical, Inc. which is a revolutionary 12-Lead Resting ECG – so compactable, weighing just a few grams!

We have also had a chance to immerse ourselves in a virtual, metaverse world which is believed to be a valuable tool in terms of educational purposes. We like the Makar app which is all about the creator’s AR/VR/MR content and presenting them in the real world.

We love the Korea Smart City Supercluster stand – it’s so green and attracts attention! And we must say the Simple Dot Ltd booth is also interesting, and very minimalistic – that’s what makes it outstanding!

What we liked so much, is the fact that the Taiwanese Department of Commerce has calculated the carbon footprint of some businesses in Taiwan, to help them reduce it – yes, numbers help!

We also want to add that sustainable goals are not only about affordable and clean energy but also about quality education, reduction of inequalities, peace, justice, and strong institutions – that’s the statement of Environmental Protection of Administration Executive Yuan, R.O.C. that we read about when being at the expo.

Asian Silicon Valley is here! Stay tuned, we will be back soon with more information!

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