In the US, everything is ‚bigger and better.’ Big buildings, big meals and drinks, and big expectations as well. ;) So it’s not a surprise that Photonics West Exhibition is also one of the largest photonics trade shows in the world. Even the sign in the SPIE fair lobby is huge (look at the pictures!).

Our team from Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, that is our researchers together with commercialization, and marketing employees participate in this grand event: conference, poster session, and expo – all at your fingertips.

As of today, the fair is underway for the industry. On Tuesday, Quantum West sessions and quantum applications started along with company spotlights, and the opening of the Photonics West and AR | VR | MR Exhibitions.

On Wednesday and Thursday, a strong industry program has been continued with the sessions dedicated to quantum technology advances, policy updates, executive insights, and ongoing access to exhibitions. Everybody interested in new photonic technologies, lasers, fiber optic systems, components, equipment, systems, or optical communications and detectors must visit the 1-level #MosconeCenter, where companies offer an inside look into their portfolio of products and services.

We have also taken a look… at the booths of several companies present at the fair. The one we found particularly interesting, is Materion Corporation – a global leader in optical thin film coating solutions. Our attention has been drawn to an interactive aquarium demonstrating how photonic solutions can effectively combine environmental analysis and protection. We have talked to Lisa Gagnon, Regional Sales Manager who told us that her favorite wavelength is 1064nm: it is invisible, i.e. in infrared, but also the most common and used in many different applications.

To stimulate networking, building relations, and “photonics friendship” EPIC – EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM organizes several very interesting networking meetings or even running activities like 5 miles run through the streets of San Francisco. We are also taking a part in those events to maximize networking and make our Institute known to the wide photonics audience!

To wrap it up, let’s read what Maciej Kamiński, our scientist, one of the participants of the trade show said: „From our point of view, the most interesting sessions were those concerning modern devices based on gallium nitride and advanced techniques for the production of nanostructures. We were very impressed by the presence of so many scientists working on these topics all over the world. Among the presented papers, we found inspiration to take up new technological challenges. Also, a valuable addition to the conference was an exhibition of manufacturers of instruments, systems and devices from the entire industry.

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