The PREDOM logo is one of the 19 which have been recently noticed by DesignRush – a B2B marketplace for finding creative agencies. They said it’s exactly what good rebranding looks like – yes, because the logo has been changed by Balahibo Studio but it still refers to the previous one, designed by Ryszard Bojar, who happens to also be the author of the well-known Warsaw metro logo!

Why is the new logo one of the best examples? It has standout features as follows:

  • color-coded logo variations,
  • sharp, distinct layout,
  • a blend of mechanical and traditional themes.

To sum it up: the new logo is definitely not last year (though it was designed then).

Balahibo Studio, the author of the new logo: „While designing a new logo for Predom, we wanted the symbol not only to reference the one designed by Ryszard Bojar but to also clearly communicate that Predom is now part of Łukasiewicz Research Network. In the decisive stage of the design process, we were particularly inspired by the word “fusion” which came up in one of our meetings. In fact, we were so inspired by this word that we decided to have the symbols undergo a kind of fusion too. What was also appreciated by the jury was our solution which involved assigning different colors to various divisions of the company, making it easy for customers to distinguish between them.”

„…And the new logo is just that – it feels like a contemporary mixture of mechanical and traditional themes. (…) This fashionable new look retains some similarity to the old one, making it easily recognizable for the existing customers, yet it is modern and exquisite enough to attract new ones” – we can also read on the DesignRush website.

That’s all, we guess, as Sagi Haviv, an Israeli graphic designer, once said: “A logo is a period at the end of a sentence, not the sentence itself”.

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