3 years after placing our first order with Veeco (formerly Epivulac) for a new dual-configuration chemical deposition (CVD) system, we met with Per-Anders Eriksson and Roger Nilsson to establish a framework for collaboration before run the reactor.

“This state-of-the-art device will significantly expand the research capabilities of our institute in the field of epitaxy and at the same time will support in the effective commercialization of our research results,” said Piotr Cywiński, Area Leader for International Cooperation.

Veeco has delivered and installed a reactor in Łukasiewicz – IMiF, enabling the epitaxy of SiC and GaN. We invite all interested parties in the field of GaN and SiC technology to contact our Institute. Along with epitaxy, we also offer the possibility of direct characterization for the obtained epitaxial layers.

Roger Nilsson, Chief Technology Officer at Veeco: “The development of the reactor began years ago in cooperation with Linköping University. Over the past few years, we’ve refined this design by creating an entirely new platform. The reactor was originally designed for 8-inch substrates, which required new solutions in controlling the temperature profile and gas flow concentration on large substrates. Our reactor also has a unique feature that allows you to combine two or more systems into a WBG-Multi-Reactor-CVD-System. This multi-system approach allows the user to optimize the chemistry in each reactor, leading to very high efficiency.”

The systems are equipped with an automatic substrate manipulator that connects the two reactors. In order to increase production capacity, the substrates are heated and cooled before being fed into the reactor. Veeco offers a turnkey solution that includes support for system commissioning and baseline epitaxial growth. The new ER3 also includes a patented component that minimizes bending of substrates during epitaxy.


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