Exciting News! The “2nd Conference on FAST/SPS: From Research to Industry” is officially underway, and we’re off to a remarkable start!
In the opening session, we had the honor of hosting two distinguished keynote speakers:

Prof. Olivier Guilon from Materials Synthesis and Processing Forschungszentrum (Julich, Germany) shared his insights into cutting-edge advancements in FAST/SPS technology, highlighting the latest developments in this field showing the relationship between temperature and electric field strength.

Prof. Claude ESTOURNES from University of Toulouse provided perspectives on the progress of SPS technology for the development of modern functional materials.

It ignites enthusiasm among participants to delve into the dynamic world of FAST/SPS technology and its industrial applications.

“We are proud that the conference attracted such a large number of prominent powder metallurgy specialists from Poland and Europe. This event is an extremely important part of strengthening international cooperation and increasing the visibility of SPS technology in the field of materials engineering. As many as 3 #Łukasiewicz institutes Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, Łukasiewicz – Poznański Instytut Technologiczny Łukasiewicz – KIT represent a significant force in the development of this technology in Poland.” – emphasize the conference organizers Marcin Chmielewski, Piotr Klimczyk, and Dariusz Garbiec.

But that’s not all! We eagerly anticipate today’s sessions, where experts will unveil their latest insights on FAST/SPS technology and advanced materials development. And don’t forget to stay tuned.

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