Did you know that our Infrared Photonic Research Group (led by Kamil Pierściński, Ph.D.) are not only good researchers but also good event organizers? Their last week’s workshop participants have underlined that the substantial level of given speeches was very high.

But it’s not the only reason for us gathering at conferences. The atmosphere is also very important, isn’t it? And you know what? Our Research Group, as we heard from the attendees, managed to deliver that as well! Does this mean that we can look forward to many more conferences of this type? We sure hope so!

The research results presented during this year’s conference resulted in creating potential partners from European and Polish research groups interested in cooperation.

Extra emotions were provided by the competition with valuable prizes for young scientists for the best presentation, which motivated them to present their results interestingly and reliably.Grzegorz Sobczak, Ph.D. Eng. : „As I am a recurrent participant of the conference “Workshop on Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Lasers”, I must underline that the last edition yet again has surpassed the previous one. The conference has turned from a local, nationwide scientific meeting into an international event gathering renowned global specialists from our industry. An interesting fact in this year’s event was that commercial companies were interested in taking part in it. This resulted in an interesting exhibition of specialized measuring and technological devices, and an award for young scientists (sponsored by TECHNOLUTIONS) for the best conference speech”.

Krzysztof Michalak: „The conference was a unique opportunity for me to learn about the latest trends in research on the physics and technology of semiconductor lasers. My greatest attention was drawn by an award-winning presentation of a young scientist – Kiran Saba which concerned lasers with a system of micro-mirrors leading the beam in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the instrument. The results of Krzysztof Bracha’s research on the production of first-order DFB grating for quantum cascade lasers, presented in the form of a poster, were also fascinating for me.”

Christophe Defranoux from SEMILAB: „We have enjoyed all the interesting talks and posters presented during these days and it has given us the possibility to meet the local researchers and discuss their projects and research topics. We presented during the exhibition one Spectroscopic Ellipsometer and had fruitful discussions about the use of this tool and technique on the semiconductors lasers process. We want to thank the organizers for their welcome and support.”

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