Behind every person, there’s a story. Today, we’re sharing stories of our employees who have something really big in common with others: they have shared something with them… that is goodness. Meet Maciej Żyliński, an IT guy, Marta Łukasik, and Kiranmai Uppuluri – our researchers who do amazing things! For them charity is not a sacrifice, it is just part of their lives.

Maciej is a blood donor, during 20 years, he has donated 20 liters of blood to people who need it, and he intends to continue doing so. “Every donation gives me indescribable joy in knowing that I can save someone’s life indirectly. It cannot be put into words, I can feel it and it is very deep” – he said.

When it comes to Marta, in 2020, she donated stem cells, thus saving the life of her genetic twin. She could have never imagined that after her registration into a donor base such a thing can really happen – one day she received a call that her cells can save someone’s life and she made the decision to give her stem cells without any hesitation.

Kiranmai Uppuluri told us about her involvement in helping people: ”My first experience with voluntary social work was at the Rural Center for Human Interests (RUCHI) as the team leader for groups of Taiwanese, German and French volunteers. Our main job was to build toilets and rainwater harvesting tanks in the mountain villages. Following that, I was a volunteer for Waste Warriors, which was also situated in the mountains like RUCHI. The primary task at Waste Warriors was to collect the trash from hiking trails and segregate it.

After completing my master’s and returning to India, I was briefly involved with the Freedom English Academy which provides free English language courses to children and young adults from economically poor backgrounds. Volunteers like myself acted as mentors to these children and interacted with them on a variety of topics including speech, behavior, job applications, communicative skills, etc. Other voluntary work includes helping organic food shop owners in Singapore and preparation of events for Cancer Awareness in Sydney.”

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