The main producer of THESE materials is Russia. However, we can develop them on our own here in Poland. Thanks to them, we could convert waste heat into electrical energy. Sounds interesting? Then keep on reading!

Thermoelectric modules can be used in wide spectra of devices: starting from power generation and ending at thermoelectric coolers (from small infrared detectors to medium size thermoelectric fridges).

So let’s start from the very beginning!

At the end of June, a meeting of the Metal Processing Cluster was held. Once in a while, around 140 of its partners invite other members to their headquarters. Recently, ChM had the privilege to be one of them! (It’s an innovative enterprise that designs, manufactures, and supplies medical solutions for the treatment of diseases and dysfunctions of the human musculoskeletal system. The company spends 20% of its yearly income on R&D).

Why is this worth mentioning? Well, Rafał Zybała, Ph.D., had been invited there by Izabela Zgłobicka, PhD, from Bialystok University of Technology to talk about what he is doing within the COTEG project. It’s all about converting waste heat into electrical energy. Sounds very eco, right?

Later, in January this year, Rafal Zybała, PhD, presented thermoelectric technologies and the results of the COTEG project to employees and students of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences – FH at the invitation of Karolina Schickle, PhD. Yes, we are constantly expanding the network of scientific and industrial contacts to promote the project’s results.

The main elements of the system are thermoelectric modules which will be developed and manufactured at Łukasiewicz – IMiF using the production technology of semiconductor devices. As a demonstrator of the developed system, a prototype installation with a simulated waste heat source will be made by Łukasiewicz – ITEE and Łukasiewicz – INS.

Why is this so important?

Semiconductor materials for power generation are well known; however, their availability is limited. Thanks to the materials produced at Łukasiewicz – IMiF, it will be possible to develop thermoelectric materials, and thanks to the availability of these materials, it will be possible to produce thermogenerators!

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