This week our employees will try to build the Goldberg Machine (in other words: they’ll have a team building event) but not all of them unfortunately, as someone still needs to work. Grzegorz Janczyk, Ph.D., Eng. and Tomasz Bieniek, Ph.D., Eng. are now in Milan where they’re participating in one of the most important events in our field in Europe – ESSDERC ESSCIRC 2022.

Moreover, our researchers (alongside partners of the European project R3-PowerUp (H2020) such as STMicroelectronics and University of Bologna, in cooperation with Universita di Pisa, BOSCH and other 35 partners of this project) have decided to organize and conduct one of the workshops during the event – Smart Power Technologies and Applications.

The ESSDERC ESSCIRC 2022 conference is also an excellent opportunity to meet F2F at an international level, to have technical meetings, and to get to know people all of which leads to real cooperation at a level adequate to the mission of R&D partners, which representatives of Łukasiewicz – IMiF will certainly benefit from, as always, for the benefit of the Institute.

During the workshop, Grzegorz Janczyk and Tomasz Bieniek will focus on an extremely important topic nowadays: “Smart Power and Power Discretes Hardware-software co-design on BLDC power driver development”.

Don’t miss it! It starts today at 8.00 a.m., Auditorium 1D. …And don’t forget that Grzegorz Janczyk and Tomasz Bieniek are there, always ready to chat with you!