It’s obvious that scientists know a thing or two, they can also take 2 places on the podium – just like ours! Last week our researchers were rewarded twice. They had participated in the ‘Eureka! DGP – we discover Polish inventions’ contest where they took the 2nd and the 3rd place. They were chosen out of 20 nominees!

Second place for ceramic foil with low dielectric constant for the team led by Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska: Dorota Szwagierczak, Jan Kulawik, and Libu Manjakkal.

The subject of the invention is a new material in the form of a flexible film which after thermal treatment becomes a ceramic substrate for electronic circuits operating at ultra-high frequencies.

These frequencies correspond to modern 5G and 6G telecommunications systems. Our substrate makes progress possible in terms of signal transfer speed, miniaturization of systems, and their reliability.

Soon, an interview with Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska, Ph.D. on Polish Radio Kraków.

Third place for polymer composite films with piezoelectric properties for: Bogusław Królikowski (Łukasiewicz – IMPiB), Halina Kaczmarek (UMK in Toruń) and Ewa Klimiec.

Using this invention, you can build electronic systems to obtain energy from walking, wind force, water flow or vibrations of various types of devices, e.g. wheel movement in a car.

Congratulations to researchers from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and University of Gdansk for winning the contest!

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