What does the Girl with a Pearl Earring painting by Vermeer have to do with our G-Flake graphene…? You might not know that graphene materials can have various applications, including addition to paint… That’s the idea we came with up some time ago. The result? Paint with special (anti-corrosion) properties!

When thinking of paint, we also have great painting artists such as Johannes Vermeer in mind. His most famous painting is “Girl with a Pearl Earring” which inspired us to create a “Girl with a Graphene Earring.” Since we cannot paint as beautifully as Vermeer, we have enlisted the help of artificial intelligence. (As you can see, we have included a thumbnail of this painting in this article.)

Both the aforementioned Vermeer painting and graphene flake are products of human labor (which also relates to yesterday’s Labor Day). Undoubtedly, they could not have been created without the knowledge, experience, and passion of their creators.

We have asked one of our scientists, Adrian Chlanda, PhD, Eng, to compare the Dutch master’s painting and the AI painting to graphene flake and to our surprise it was done it so well!

“It is worth noting that Vermeer often used the pointillé painting technique in his work, which involves painting with small dots. Graphene flake, on the other hand (due to its small size), can be compared to such small dots. It is worth noting that in the case of Girl with a Pearl Earring, the silhouette of the painting’s protagonist is set against a black background (and graphene as a carbon material is associated with black). In the case of Girl with a Graphene Earring, we have a black dress and a graphite hairband and earring, similar to paper made of reduced graphene oxide.”

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