Grafeen (Dutch), grafeno (Portuguese), grafenio (Greek), grafeeni (Finish), and just grafen in many other languages (Polish, Slovenian, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian) – that’s how you can write down the word ‘graphene’ when you hear it from members of Graphene Flagship – a network we belong to and have just happened to take part in an annual NNPO meeting to discuss graphene promotion but not only.

As they say on graphene: „one layer, multiple applications”. Did you know that companies like Lufthansa, Ford, Huawei already use graphene? But that’s not all, you might find interesting that there are things like…

The world’s lightest kayak weighing 9 kg only, air and water purification, and bacteria… traps – that’s just a few graphene excellent applications. No wonder each 1 EURO invested in graphene will return and give us 6 EUROS!

Also, did you know that Manchester University and Khalifa University have signed an agreement to deliver graphene solutions to tackle the biggest global challenges, such as water, energy, and construction?

During meetings that have been held for 2 days, we had a chance to discuss the problems we face on a daily basis when communicating about science, it’s not that easy, and sometimes you might feel lost… maybe that’s the reason why we got lost twice in Cambridge.

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