It’s better to be together! We’re the leader of a Polish-Belgian consortium that is supposed to deliver novel graphene-enabled solutions for electric transportation, smart metering, power applications, and electricity storage. Meaning:

◼ a new generation of safe batteries with improved charge transfer, stability upon cycling, and lifetime,
◼ novel high-sensitivity graphene-based sensors for magnetic diagnostics in modern nuclear reactors,
◼ advanced microwave- and millimeter-wave-based non-destructive characterization tools and models,
◼ materials and device databases for global use within the European Materials Modelling (EMMC) and Characterisation Councils (EMCC).

We’re happy that Tymoteusz Ciuk, Ph.D., the Leader of the Graphene and Composites Research Group, has just started leading a joint effort of Polish and Belgian companies thanks to which his group will aim to bring the most out of both epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide and the G-Flake® brand, meaning: graphene technologies will be introduced to real markets!

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The project’s acronym is I4BAGS which stands for Ion Implantation for Innovative Interface modifications in Battery and Graphene-enabled Systems and it has been funded within the M-ERA.NET Call 2021.

M-ERA.NET is a strong European network of public funding organizations supporting and increasing coordination and convergence of national and regional funding programs on research and innovation related to materials and battery technologies to support the European Green Deal.

The consortium includes QWED SP. Z O. O. (PL), Materia Nova R&D Center (BE), IONICS S.A. (BE), and Łukasiewicz – IMiF (PL).

Financial support: the National Centre for Research and Development (Poland) and Service Public de Wallonie (Belgium).

A few words on companies and institutions participating in the project:

QWED Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in QuickWave FDTD software for electromagnetic design and simulations including microwave heating.

Materia Nova R&D Center is recognized as a technological accelerator of sustainable innovations in the field of new materials and processes.

IONICS Surface Technologies develops and supplies surface treatment technologies and processes: plasma sputtering, ion implantation, and electroplating.

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