Some directions are important, some are even more, and there are the most critical ones. This time, our three musketeers – Jakub Jagiełło, Artur Dobrowolski, and Tymoteusz Ciuk – have set off to South Korea to participate in the prestigious ICAE – International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials.

As they say – „Korea is our strategic direction. We fly there to learn about novelties in the world of semiconductors and materials engineering but also to meet people who know how to forge know-how into business.” Such an experience is of utmost importance if one aims to commercialize the research output, and this is what Jakub, Artur, and Tymoteusz are currently doing. They are establishing a brand to offer epitaxial graphene, graphene-based Hall effect sensors, and certification services of graphene materials.

Nearly 2,000 attendees at ICAE 2023 make for the perfect audience. The conference will host 17 parallel symposia, featuring scientists from Korea’s most prestigious academic and research institutions.

We learn from the best. But the best acknowledge our contribution too. We promote genuine technologies backed by top publications and valuable patents. Let the world hear about us!

The presented scientific output results from the NCN Narodowe Centrum Nauki OPUS and M-ERA.NET I4BAGS projects.

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