On International Tea Day, we want to show you how a thermal camera (AKA infrared camera) can indicate warmth – our tea cup is getting hotter and hotter while pouring hot water into it. Obviously, at Łukasiewicz – IMiF, we use this device in a more advanced way, but this short footage looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

It just so happens that our researchers love this camera for imaging the process of coupling radiation in the mid-infrared range (emitted by cascade lasers manufactured in our Institute) with waveguides (produced by Warsaw University of Technology). All of these works are carried out as part of the TECHMATSTRATEG III “MIRPIC” project realized by the entities mentioned above + VIGO.

We’re not done with tea yet. The Boston Tea Party will have its 249th anniversary tomorrow and… did you know that our researchers – Michał Borysiewicz, Ph.D., D.Sc., and Aleksandra Wójcicka, B. Eng. have recently gone to this beautiful city to present the results of their m-era.net OxyGaN project at the 2022 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting?

The aim of this European project is to develop innovative transparent ohmic contacts to gallium nitride-based laser diodes which was excellently shown by Aleksandra in her talk at the beginning of December. Additionally, UV-transparent films were presented by Michał during the poster session.

Visiting Boston was also a good occasion to catch up with old friends – Michał visited the head of the lab MIT where he did his postdoctoral stay a few years ago. They discussed starting the MIT-IMiF cooperation in the frames of the MIT-Poland Lockheed Martin Global Seed Fund. The proposal has been just submitted, keep your fingers crossed!