Exciting news of the day! Yesterday, the president of Łukasiewicz Research Network Andrzej Dybczyński signed a Memorandum of Understanding together with the rector Cheng-Wen Wu of the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. It is another important step in Polish-Taiwanese R&D cooperation with the focus on three key areas: semiconductor technologies, cybersecurity, and electromobility.

What else has happened at the Innovatorium so far? The GaN session, led by Patrycja Skoczek as a host, received an overwhelmingly positive response. Our researchers (including Anna Szerling, PhD, DSc) expertly handled a challenging question regarding the drawbacks of gallium nitride. Interestingly, their response emphasized the numerous advantages and downplayed any potential downsides. They also highlighted that gallium nitride is not as expensive as commonly believed.

Furthermore, our partner – Lars Lighting praised the know-how from our labs. At the end of the session, a ball was thrown among the attendees, and one lucky individual caught it – Janusz Igras from Łukasiewicz – INS. As a reward, he received a mobile phone charger based on GaN technologies to test its superior performance.

That was yesterday, as for today – we’re having an internal event, just for all the Łukasiewicz’ institutes where the president of the organization has just taken the stage to outline the strategy and core principles, which revolve around three pillars: 1. fostering collaboration among the members of the research network, 2. recognizing the importance of employees, and 3. embracing internationalization.

As a wrap-up of the official part of the event – awards called EŁKI were given to researchers and other deserving individuals. We are proud to announce that Prof. Ryszard Buczyński was honored with an EŁKA award for being the best scientist across the entire Łukasiewicz Research Network. Congratulations to him on this remarkable achievement!