You must have heard the news regarding Intel’s upcoming investment in Poland (Finally! However our appetite is definitely bigger, keep on reading to learn more‼). Here is another link between Poland and the US – TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo that took place in Washington, DC one week ago. No wonder our two researchers (Tomasz Bieniek, PhD, and Grzegorz Janczyk, PhD) have decided to go there to showcase the portfolio of our products. Who better to promote Polish microelectronics abroad than them. They always engage in activities such as giving presentations, making speeches, and participating in interviews. You can find more on the expo in the following link:

Now, turning your attention back to the Intel investment plans in Poland – our expert Grzegorz Janczyk, PhD, is a moderate enthusiast. He points out that the Polish economy suffers from a lack of semiconductor fabrication center(s). Microelectronics FAB investment breakthrough is a must that has been discussed for decades.

„For sure – Intel’s investment will create jobs, however, the substantial amount of the funding involved will fail to contribute to the growth of Polish microelectronics which should be capable of developing added value in the form of new semiconductor devices which in turn would address the needs of Polish industry and support the sovereignty of this sector of the economy.

Polish investment plans by Intel exceed 4,5bln USD. It seems to be complementary with the 6 times greater Intel investments panache in Germany exceeding 30bln euro at the same time for chips fabrication with agreements already signed” – he says.

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