Nanotechnologies in the world of 3Ws, 3D printing, nanoelectronics  –  today and tomorrow, a dialogue between the world of science and business will be facilitated! Why…?

InterNanoPoland 2023 marks the 7th edition of the largest nanotechnology conference in Poland. The event provides an opportunity to present research and development projects and share achievements as well as results of young scientists’ work with industry leaders, investors, and invited guests who evolve the development of nanotechnology both in the country and abroad.

Our researcher – Michał Borysiewicz – has just participated in a panel discussion on “Nanotechnology vs Energy Transformation,” presenting himself as an expert on supercapacitors and their application of nanotechnology:

“Efforts to decarbonize the EU and other regions through advancements in electromobility and household energy solutions are hindered by the limitations of lithium-ion batteries, such as insufficient power density, short lifespan, and high cost. To overcome these challenges, researchers are making significant strides in developing supercapacitors, offering fast charging and longevity via non-reactive charge storage, while also investigating novel materials for improved energy density” – said Borysiewicz.

Among the invited guests, you will find leaders of companies from Poland and Europe, scientists, and representatives of local governments.

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