Kaohsiung was the second city where the SMART CITY Expo & Summit took place last week. What does SMART stand for in this case? Well, the answer goes as follows: S – Sustainability, M – Monitoring, A – Agriculture, R – Revenue, T – Today (we need to act now, not in the future!)

What do we need to make the globe a little bit greener? The solution developed by TECH Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the answers! They use biotechnology to process organic waste by transforming it into organic fertilizer. We love this brilliant idea! The simplest solutions are often the best ones!

Thanks to biotechnology the Biotech Group has also focused on its Sustainable Innovative Agrucilutral Method of Carbon Storage Organic Fertilizer and Probiotics which has effectively solved the problems of rice production, such as lodging, pests, diseases, soil acidification, along with other issues!

When it comes to agriculture, we have also seen a great solution shown by a Taiwanese startup that can make tomatoes ripe 40% quicker thanks to monitoring and analyzing data!

Now let’s move on to health MONITORING, which is a smart medical technology such as a Babybot! It’s a one-stop service from evaluation to an enhancement program. Integrated with muscle loss evaluation, AI improves arm & leg muscle training and has coordination/balance training functions. Later in the process, evaluation data is analyzed by the AI system, generating individual improvement programs. Many more smart medical technologies, smart aquaculture data economy, etc were presented during the expo.

To sum it up: all of these solutions can not only save us (health) and our planet (sustainability) but also bring REVENUE. We need to implement products like that not tomorrow but now, meaning TODAY to make our lives better!

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