The conference season is in full swing! This time – at the end of June, Łukasiewicz – IMiF arrived in charming Ghent, Belgium, where the AVS 22nd International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALDALE2022) was held.

During this conference, Karolina Piętak from the Graphene and Composites Research Group presented her poster presentation titled “Enhancement of graphene-related and substrate-related Raman modes through dielectric layer deposition”. To briefly sum it up – this work conveys that the aluminum oxide thin layer on the graphene surface enhances the graphene Raman signal and improves the resolution of the graphene surface and substrate imaging. These studies extended the measurement offer at Łukasiewicz – IMiF with new proprietary methods that allow for an even deeper understanding of both graphene and SiC properties.

Control of the properties of these materials at the nanometer level makes it possible to improve the technology of graphene-based devices and thus – faster development of microelectronics.

The work Karolina Piętak presented at the conference has been recently published in Applied Physics Letters and is part of her doctoral dissertation carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology.

In addition to many interesting lectures on the technique of atomic layer deposition and describing the current trend of using the ALD technique, this conference was also an ideal moment for a direct meeting and conversation not only with scientists from around the world but also with manufacturers of both ALD reactors and thin-film characterization top devices.

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