Light plays an extremely, well – to be honest – a crucial role in our lives. Were it not for sunlight, we wouldn’t be able to be here; no sun, no life. However, speaking of light, not only does it boil down to life on our planet, yes, light help plants grow but also people develop. Artificial light sources make it possible to jump to the next level! Examples? Inventions like a kerosene lamp, a light bulb, or laser have sped up civilization progress.

On May 16th we will celebrate the International Day of Light which is a  global initiative highLIGHTING the central role that light and light-based technologies play in science, culture, education, etc. That is why our researchers will take part in the Light Festival, they will go to Gdańsk to show the audience how light works (magic)! They will learn more about light as well as have fun at the same time. It especially goes for our experiments like proving that hair can cause light diffraction or observing diffraction of light in a thick glass lens. We will also test the optical fiber which we will… make ourselves!

There will also be lots of fun for the youngest: a rainbow made of bubbles, a kaleidoscope, and many more! Join us on upcoming Saturday in Gdańsk.

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