Some malignant tumors located in the brain or pancreas have a very low probability of cure – at a low level of 2%-5%. This worrisome statistic is related to the difficulty or even impossibility of effectively treating cancer because access to them is complicated. However, our researchers found a way to do it!

We present to you our patented solution, which can significantly influence the effectiveness of cancer treatment. It enables drug delivery, making surgery unnecessary, as it delivers drug molecules directly into the cells.

The microprobe works on the principle of electroporation, i.e. it affects the cell membrane with a high-voltage electric field. This way, micropores, through which active substances reach the lipid membranes, are created.

The probe is the only one in the world which allows electroporation of limited areas in hard-to-reach places inside the body, without the need for open-field surgery. Due to its groundbreaking properties, it acts on A SPECIFIC CELL, which is of great importance in anticancer therapies when very toxic substances are delivered to the body.

Parameters: the probe has a diameter of 0.4 mm and a length of over 25 cm, similar to a human hair. The probe contains an optical channel and two 20-micron-thick microelectrodes. However the above use of the microbe isn’t our last word! The one developed by the team of prof. Ryszard Buczyński has application potential in gene therapy and immunogen therapy when introducing nucleic acid fragments.

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