Let’s hit the road! We’re going to Kielce where the MSPO fair will start tomorrow! What will you find there? Big hits only.

Quantum cascade lasers are semiconductor infrared radiation sources with emission wavelengths in the range of 3 to 300µm. They can emit both pulsed and continuous signals at room temperature. QCL lasers are compact, easy to control and tuneable over a wide infrared range.


Free-space optical communication, detection of explosives, environmental pollution monitoring, laser surgeries.

Thermoelectric modules prove that we can turn bad energy (e.g. heat from greenhouse gases) into the good one desired by everyone – electricity!


Many technology fields, from space missions to broadly understood electronics.

G-Flake® graphene oxide and graphene reduced oxide – graphene is a 2-dimensional carbon based compound with extraordinary physical and chemical properties. Light, strong, anticorrosive, can screen infrared and thermal radiation. We can customize graphene to meet your needs, creating a unique product with desired properties.


Composite materials, mesh for lightweight armor, protective coatings (bridges, yachts, cars, electric motors), anticorrosive property (e.g., as an additive to varnish), bactericidal dressings, photoelements, TDC, bare dice semiconductor elements.

Si-based micro and nanofabrication platform – the total value chain from concept and design through prototyping to low/medium volume fabrication and packaged device testing.

A key advantage of our silicon-based micro-nano fabrication platform is the high degree of process flexibility. Based on many years of experience and tool redundancy, our team can define routes whereby often incompatible materials (eg. Au in a CMOS-class line) can be brought together within the same facility.


Si-based micro and nanodevices for defense, interdisciplinary applications, primarily industrial and biomedical.

GaN transistors, diodes, and microelectronic services such as: vacuum deposition of metallic, dielectric and semiconductor thin films and coatings with specific functional properties on various details and substrates up to 6 inches in diameter (metals, crystalline materials, glass, paper, fabrics, polymer materials, organic materials).


GAN-radar, electronic warfare and communication systems, AESA radar systems, SIC ceramics, armor, aerospace.

LTCC multilayer ceramics (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic) technology, allows for the fabrication 3-dimensional structures of electronic circuits on the basis of pressed ceramic foils with printed functional layers.

Cold plasma for biological and chemical agent neutralization = effective disinfection of surfaces from dangerous pathogens. Did you know that our cold plasma doesn’t interact with mammalian cells?


Potential to produce plasma-activated water-decontamination of surfaces after floods.

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