We’re over the moon when telling you that our scientists have mastered something really special. It’s a porous coating that can be used to regulate the temperature of elements of satellites or spacecraft, or in optical instruments!

Black matt coatings are known for their high light absorption and high emissivity of infrared radiation which make them suitable for elements that soak up a lot of solar heat and also enable giving off the heat generated by the spacecraft.

Similarly, the use of matt black coatings in optical instruments allows for an increase in the signal-to-noise ratio because such coatings capture interference, glare, and other radiation not coming from the observed objects.

On the other hand, elements requiring little sunlight absorption and high infrared emissivity should be covered with matt white coatings.

If you’re interested in our black nanostructured porous zinc coatings or white nanostructured zinc oxide coatings let us know! If you want to learn more about our offer just hit the link with our BUSINESS OFFER.