Discover the future of home gardening with our smart watering system. Believe us – it gives an incredible opportunity to transform a home garden into a flourishing oasis! Our smart watering can connect seamlessly to a network that analyzes soil and water properties, revealing vital insights that guide our gardening decisions.

Soon, we will experience the incredible benefits of precision agriculture technology, available for home gardeners like never before. Our revolutionary sensor system brings cutting-edge innovation to our backyards. With solutions developed by our scientist – Kiranmai Uppuluri, along with researchers from University of Glasgow, everyone will be able to empower their gardening arsenal!

With thick film pH and moisture sensors at work, we’ll have an in-depth understanding of our soil condition at all times, ensuring our plants receive the perfect amount of hydration and nutrients they need.

Watch in awe as it automatically mixes alkaline and acidic solutions from separate containers, creating a tailor-made pH solution that precisely matches your plants’ requirements.

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