Today’s conference report is sponsored by the letter S – SPIE Photonics West| Saturday |San Francisco | START ➡ One of the world’s largest technological events related to lasers, biomedical optics and biophotonics, quantum optics, and optoelectronics has just started!

How has it happened? ➡ Photonics West Bios, a conference and fair trade dedicated to biomedical optics opened the event. Among the other world-class specialists, there was also our honored employee Kamil Kosiel, Ph.D., D.Sc., who presented the operation of a D-shaped fiber-optic biosensor for detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The biosensor is based on the lossy mode resonance (LMR) effect generated in a single-mode optical fiber with a dielectric nanocoating with carefully selected optical properties and thickness.

Simultaneously with the conference, the trade fair is held – it began with the exhibitors who presented photonic products for biomedical applications. In this part, our attention was drawn to the comic-book-like stand of OptoSigma, a company based in California, a global manufacturer of optical systems. The company uses its original Avatar project – launched during the previous SPIE Photonics fair; it is a platform for promoting new technologies in the optics and photonics community, it teaches and shows the role of photonics in the modern world.

Laury Hoganson – Senior Buyer – revealed to us that the casual form of the comic helps explain the activity relevance of the OptoSigma leaders. Each comic volume features a different technology and industry personality, followed by a video interview with a researcher discussing her/his work.

Another exciting company is TOPTICA Photonics, its marketing slogan is “all wavelengths”. So we couldn’t act differently than asking the company’s representative about her…. favorite wavelength. Luisa Hofmann – Product Manager – answered without any sign of hesitation that it was 1300 nm. And when asked why, she replied that it was one of the most commonly used wavelengths in optical fibers, and the optical signal at this wavelength has a low loss when transmitted over optical fiber. Oh, and what’s your favorite wavelength?

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