SPIE Photonics West – one of the biggest events in our industry – is about to start this week and we are happy to say that this year, our researchers (from the group led by Anna Szerling, PhD, DSc) will give a lot of speeches. Ready to take a sneak peek into it? OK, here we go:

On January 28th, Kamil Kosiel, PhD, DSc, will present a fiber optic biosensor for SARS-CoV-2 detection based on the lossy-mode-resonance (LMR) effect, generated in a single-mode fiber with a thinned cladding and coated by a thin-film dielectric with appropriately selected optical properties and thickness.

3 days later, on January 31st, Oskar Sadowski, MSc, will tell you about the effect of ultra-high pressure annealing on Si-implanted GaN n-type and p-type epilayers on ammonothermally grown bulk GaN substrates.

The same day Jarosław Tarenko, MSc, will tell the public about the beveled mesa fabrication process optimization for vertical GaN p-n diodes.

Maciej Kamiński, MSc: „Much attention has been recently focused on the development of “buffer free” AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures with thin high-quality AlN nucleation layer for better carrier confinement in the transistor channel mitigating short channel effects and with reduced thermal resistance”. Mr Kaminski/ Maciej will tell the audience more on the subject in his speech; what’s more, the results of development of low resistivity Ti/Al/TiN/Au ohmic contacts to such structures will be presented both on January 31st and February 1st.

On February 1st, when giving her lecture, Jankowska-Śliwińska, PhD, will focus on fast and non-invasive screening tests based on electrochemical detection of structural proteins of SARS-CoV-2, meaning: the sensors for non-invasive detection at an early stage of infection!

Later on, the topic of development of technology of high power, normally-off p-GaN-gate AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors will be covered by Jarosław Tarenko.

To wrap up the presentations of all our researchers Marek Ekielski, PhD, will share the results of monolithic high-contrast gratings (MHCGs) fabrication. The talk will be focused on technological aspects of MHCG fabrication process as well as its application as a transparent electrode for infrared light.

P.S. If you’re interested to see what the above-mentioned researchers do on a daily basis in their labs – we encourage you to bid on a tour of our labs at the WOŚP auction and help those in need.

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