Sylwia Kozdra, Ph.D. had a very busy summer this year, as she attended 5 conferences scattered around a few places in both Europe and the US. In Prague she met Christine Grant at the CHISA conference who gave an interesting lecture on chemical development, process engineering field, and women’s participation in science. In the same beautiful city, she had the opportunity to meet with other “STEM women” from all around the world and together they could share and talk about their experiences. At the same event, our researcher spoke to the audience about ways of improving the properties of solid polymer electrolytes used in li-ion batteries.

During the next conference, also held in Prague, Sylwia Kozdra got to know Rafał Poręba (Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry | IMC · Controlled Polymer Synthesis) and Prof. Dr. Holger Schönherr (University of Siegen Physical Chemistry) “who specializes in a very interesting field of knowledge… which is obviously polymers” – said dr. Kozdra.

More on the results of her recent research.

Our researcher also flew to Monterey, California to take part in the 2022 International Conference on Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics to make a presentation on behalf of Paweł Piotr Michałowski, Ph.D., also our scientist. Due to jetlag, dr. Kozdra couldn’t sleep so she would enjoy lonely walks on the beach in the early morning. (Lovely pictures attached)! But – on the other hand – she had a chance (and took it!) to meet lots of people, for instance from IMEC. Dr. Kozdra is THE person who comes back from each conference with quality contacts – so can we expect fruitful cooperation soon?

That’s not all! As our researcher is a hard worker, she also showed up in Stuttgart – a picturesque city that is surrounded by hills and vineyards – to participate in a poster session presenting the results of research on “Density functional theory calculations for MoS2.”

The last conference was held in Krakow – that is IEEE International Conference on Nanomaterials: Application & Properties where Ms. Kozdra reunited with her teammates: Paweł Michałowski, Ph.D. and Ada Wójcik. Sylwia presented there her work on “MoS2 Oxidation Effect: Theoretical and Experimental Studies.” Our team also met Yury Gogotsi with whom they have been cooperating since late 2020 (the subject: SIMS characterization of MXenes). “It was great to finally have a discussion face-to-face!” – said Paweł Michałowski.