We’re in Taiwan discussing future cooperation and doing business. Let’s take a sneak peek into what Piotr Cywiński Head of our Commercialization Department has done there so far, along with our friends from Łukasiewicz – KOMEL.

On Monday our Łukasiewicz team released a lantern into the sky to bring luck to business ventures. Later on, they visited 2 companies:

SENTEC dealing with GaN and SiC electronics for automotive e.g. EV motors.

HCMaterial which is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering modern materials for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. HCMaterial develops a battery material called LMFP, with many worldwide vehicle manufacturers (Volvo, Ford, GM…) being their customers.

On Tuesday morning, they had a tour around PSMC, a power semiconductor fab company, the no. 6 company in the world for producing semiconductors. A visit to the Taiwania Capital followed to explore possibilities of investing into the Polish high-tech spin-off sector.

In the evening, the team signed a Memorandum of Understating with a Taiwanese HR job search headhunter company 360D to stimulate staff exchange of high-tech talents.

Moreover, today is the day that the Taiwan-Poland Power-Electronics Tech Forum begins. Our Head of Commercialization Department has just given a speech on „R&D Commercialization at Łukasiewicz – challenges and perspectives.”

…But there’s something more to it than just business. Our Łukasiewicz team has a chance to enjoy modern technologies, along with Taiwanese hospitality and excellent cuisine! More posts on our business trip to Taiwan soon, stay tuned!

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